Hiring: Window Cleaning Ninjas

We offer:

  • A fun, outdoor job with a fantastic work environment and great pay!
  • Start at $18-$22/h with opportunity for rapid advancement and higher pay!
  • (Our top technicians earn over $50,000/year working 8 months a year.)
  • Paid time off during winter months to do whatever you want while earning a full years income!
  • No weekends: Mon – Fri start at 8:00 am and finish between 3:00-5:00 pm
  • Feel respected and appreciated for the work that you do!
  • We only hire great human beings, so you won’t work with jerks, bums or lazy people.
  • WE WILL TRAIN. No education or experience needed.

You can qualify to join our team if…

  • You are upbeat, positive, and can work independently
  • You get a sense of satisfaction after a hard day of physical work.
  • You are tough, mentally and physically.
  • You love being outside (that includes all the crazy weather conditions we get here…).
  • You can lift over 60 lbs. easily and carry a ladder safely.
  • You have a G license with a reasonable driving record and reliable transportation to work.

If you answer YES to any of the following, please DON’T contact us:

  • You are grumpy in the morning.
  • You are afraid of heights (don’t try to fool us on this… we will know right away.)
  • You are a victim, a whiner or complainer.
  • You look (or smell) anything less than presentable.
  • You can’t lift heavy stuff without sustaining “a back injury”.
  • You are a wuss when it gets too cold or too hot out.

How To Apply:
If any of this sound like a good fit, email, write “fun job” in the
subject line, and include a paragraph about yourself explaining why you would love this job. It’s all
about attitude and hustle! So get off your device and reach out to us today!
Suitable candidates will receive a response with an info packet within 72 hours containing a
phone number to schedule your “hands on” interview and a link to a couple videos explaining
how to ace it. From there, we select the very best of our applicants to join our Rockstar team.
Good luck!

P.S. Our top technicians earn over $50,000/year working only 8 months a year.

The hands on interview will consist of 2 main parts: The 30 second test and the ladder ability

The first part of the “hands-on” interview is the 30 second test:
Applicant must demonstrate fully cleaning a window (including detailing edges), leaving no streaks or
slashes on it, in under 30 seconds using the “S-stroke” technique. It is highly recommended to
practice the S-stroke at home with an applicator and squeegee many times before your interview,
on a large window until it becomes very quick, consistent and natural. Applicants who cannot
pass this test will not be considered for the position. Refer to these videos for instruction on the

The second part of the “hands-on” interview is the ladder skills test:
Applicant must demonstrate the ability to safely and confidently carry, position, extend, retract
and climb a typical 24 foot extension ladder.

Pay Schedule

Technician’s LevelRate of Pay
In training
(usually 1-3 weeks)
(first 2-3 months)
Level 1 tech
(proficient with minimal supervision)
Level 2 tech
(capable of leading a team)
Expert tech
(highly experienced and fast)
Team Leader
(responsible for crew training and production)  
Window of Opportunity Program
(available to technicians that work with us for a minimum of 2 years)                                 

Mission of the Position:


*Please note that a G class license and a reasonable driving record is necessary for this position.