Mosquito Control

Are you tried of dealing with those pesky mosquitos in your yard? Our experts are here to take care of this problem so you could enjoy the good weather with no buzzing in sight!


As Canadians, we know summer is long awaited and short-lived but when the mosquitos are out, we just want to hide inside. Mosquitos ruin the warmer months and can expose us to harmful diseases. Luckily, Buzz Off Mosquito Control is here to help! We make sure to eliminate those blood-sucking pests for good.

Contact our experts today to ensure a fun-filled, bite-free summer season!


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*packages consist of monthly treatments from April to September 


How long does your mosquito control last?

Our services last 3-4 weeks on average, depending on treatment options and weather conditions. We strongly recommend booking regular treatment intervals through the season to keep the mosquitos at bay which makes our seasonal packages the best value.

Is it safe?

Yes! Our services are performed by trained experts who follow safety protocols to ensure your family and pets are safe during and after your service. We also offer fully natural treatment packages as an alternative.

Can I use my backyard right after treatment?

After we treat your backyard for mosquitos, you must ensure the product has fully dried before going outside. Depending on factors such as temperature and humidity levels, we recommend waiting at least 30 minutes. After this, it is safe for you and your family to frolic out into your backyard and enjoy!